Mora (Slovak for mare) is a project focused understanding the malicious entities that reside beyond the reality that we can comprehend. Through using photographic media, these entities can however be documented and sometimes even captured. 
Do not attempt to go to the beyond and confront these being on your own. Matej is a trained professional with years of experience in oneirology. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact him.
The Door is a portal which nightmares and malicious entities use to enter our subconscious. This portal is carried within each of us. Individuals highly skilled in lucid dreaming and meditation can reach it, however going through is not recommended as the area is unexplored and swarming with being we are yet to understand.

The Door


The Stalker is a being that is mostly harmless, as it doesn't like to make itself known. They are not visible to humans and as one of the few creatures documented, they don't invade a person's dreams. 
If you ever experienced a feeling of being watched, or seeing a figure in the corner of the room, only to find out it was your coat hanger...don't be mistaken! It was most likely a Stalker. They do sometimes reside in top corners of walls or even flat on the ceilings (that's where this one was caught).
These entities are one of the most common to encounter in dreams. Often shaped in a humanoid form with long limbs, these figures prey on negative emotion and fear of their victims. They can’t enter our physical world, although rarely some encounters with them have been reported by people highly sensitive and in tune with the astral world. Because of this they prefer to infiltrate our subconscious during our sleep – this is when The Door is open and we are left most vulnerable.
As with many other paranormal entities, silver is a compound that can hurt them. Using black and white darkroom paper (contains silver halide) we were able to contain one of these figures.
Description of an encounter with one of these beings:
"I remember it vividly; I was laying in bed with three of my friends. We were having a good
time, just cracking jokes and having a laugh. They decided to leave the room and I tried to go with them but I couldn't move my body for some reason. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move an inch. Suddenly, I saw a long claw-like hand reaching over from underneath the bed. Fear got over me. In no time I saw the whole figure - slim and standing tall, looking over me with eyeless face, a figure made of darkness, a shadow. It started to crawl towards me and no matter how hard I tried I could not run away from it. I managed to move a little bit but I knew there was no escaping it. As it got closer and closer, something happened which I never experienced before. I thought to myself:
I'm not going to be able to run away, so I'll take this thing head on! With all my strength
I lunged head first into the figure and everything went dark. It swallowed me whole and there was nothing but terror and screams so loud I thought I'd go deaf. I woke up choking, sweaty and screaming, still not sure if I was actually awake. I did not sleep the rest of the night."

Shadow Figure


Similarly to The Shadow Figure, 
a Spider can be captured using darkroom paper as it is vulnerable to silver. Spiders can appear in swarms, but are usually solitary beings that attack dreamers alone, as in the dream state they can change their size to gain advantage. Sometimes they can take on human features as to scare the victim even more.

The Mother (sometimes referred to as Judy) is a being from the other side, that interestingly captures their victims using spider like tactics. Dreams that include her can start off positive but quickly turn into terror. She most often takes on a form of something close to us or of something harmless, luring the victim into her grasp. Once the victim is close enough, Mother can inflict pain and terror upon them. Her true form is a topic of discussion, but some reported her being a clutter of teeth with an endless void behind them.
Description of an encounter with one of these beings:
"I had a recurring childhood nightmare, in which I used to dream that there was this huge mountain too steep to climb without holding onto something.
At the top was my mum, who was dying and the only way I could save her was to hold onto a fallen telegraph pole to pull myself up.. But every time I tried to do it, the pole would electrocute me so I'd never reach her."
As of yet, Mother has evaded capture. The piece here is a visual representation of the encounter by the victim.


Victim of the Plastic Family

The Plastic Family is a group of arachno-sapiens. Their appearance is that of however, they can change into their spider forms if they need to. The numbers of the family remain unknown, although there is an estimate of 7 to 10. They have a nest into which they lure their prey, by sending out two of their own (usually a male and a female) to try and seduce individuals. They then infuse the victims with poison, which paralyses and makes them blind. Shortly after the victim starts to deflate until only skin remains.
The Bearer of Skins is again a shape shifting being. However, it not only attacks its victim during the dream state, but after the victim wakes up the Bearer is still nestled in victim’s subconscious. It is ultimately a parasite and after successfully nestling inside the mind of its prey, it influences their decisions and deteriorates their mental health, sometimes resulting in permanent psychosis. After it absorbs all of the victim’s sanity, it goes back through the Door to hibernate, until it finds its next victim.
Here is a description of the encounter by a patient who experienced the Bearer and is currently being treated:
"It was in a rolling green hills sort of setting. And there was a barrel, that I was hiding in. Through a hole I could see a coat rail with different coloured furs. Very slowly walking up over the hill comes a bear. The bear could talk and it was able to take off its skin. So, it takes off its skin and it hangs it on the rail and then changes into another one. Each different fur correlates with different emotion that it had. I remember that there was a brown one, which was the nice and agreeable bear, until it got the last one, which was sort of a white with blotches and it turned into a really scary one. Eventually the bear spots me and comes towards the barrel, tears it open and I just try to run. I keep running and running and it's always the same distance behind me, always there. This was when I was 3 years old and it stuck with me ever since."

Bearer of Skins

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